Welcome to my Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio of learnings. In this mini-site you will find information on what i have learnt during my self-study of HTML,CSS, Javascript and other important and crucial elements of what accompanies web design and web development. I have constructed this site purely as a means to be able to showcase what i can do using resources which are stated below.

Whilst navigating my portfolio, you will not see as much in terms of explanations to how certain things are put together, more so just the end product of my capabilites. For example, i try to refrain from explaining how these particular three words became bold with a yellow highlight, instead i ask you to refer to my source code by right clicking on the page and selecting "view source" (Internet Explorer specific)
However, saying all of that, i understand the importance of an employer needing to make sure that i am understanding concepts/code and not just copying and pasting, so i will explain where necessary.

About Me

Name Anand Mohan-Ram                  My Picture
D.O.B 13/10/84
Nationality British
BTEC National Diploma in Computer Studies
Distinction in Website Management
Merits for Website Development & Advanced Programming
Relevant Skills HTML/CSS/Javascript/Photoshop/Dreamweaver

Software used

Below is a list of the different software packages i have used to construct this website

During the initial stages of creating this site, i have found it very useful and have learnt a great deal more by using Notepad as my primary tool to construct both the Stylesheets and my html documents. I had Adobe Dreamweaver installed and ready to use, however i wanted to actually learn the ins and outs of what it is to create a webpage. Dreamweaver is great for this, however, it tends to fill in all the missed "end tags" and values/properties for different elements, should you make an error. With the use of notepad, i have had to troubleshoot all of the issues encountered, and have learnt a great deal as a result.

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Method of study

Initially, i thought about taking a course to pursue my ambition of learning all there is to know about web design and development. However, i quickly learnt that the available courses charged (in my opinion) alot more money than i was able to part with. I researched around the internet and came to see that a self study approach was a great avenue for me to take, as long as i was prepared to be focused and determined to go through alot of tutorials online and to read up on some books. I have used ALOT of tutorials online, that range from basic HTML to basic CSS to javascript etc etc, and have also used books as a learning tool. Self study was a great choice for me, albeit i may have missed out a few key concepts here and there, i am still and always will be learning new things in regards to web design and development.

Why web design/development?

To answer the above in a few words would probably result in an answer such as "because i enjoy it". This is basically the reason why i have persisted and devoted so much time to not only creating this portfolio, but also learning key concepts and having an understanding of how it all works. For me to state that i am the best web designer/programmer out there would be a lie, however i can say with honesty, that i am devoted to learn all i can within the web design/development field.
Whilst creating pages and typing certain code, i still have to take a look back to my notes or previous similar pages i have created to remember what the tags are and how the syntax should flow, and also the positioning aspects of DIV's, but i feel that knowing the code inside and out, is something that comes with experience, i feel i will ALWAYS be learning, and i try not to forget that so i do not become discouraged when i face certain coding obstacles.

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My goal

The purpose of creating a portfolio such as this one may seem obvious, however i wanted to explain the path i would like to take and why i have learnt in the manner that i have.
Initially, i was aiming towards achieving the CIW certification. Many employeers (as i have become to realise) are not even aware of what this certification means or represents. I had researched all over the internet to find that job search results when typing in "CIW" (Certified Internet Webmaster) came up empty. Whilst typing in precise key skills such as "Photoshop", "Javascript" etc, returned numerous job vacancies. In light of all this, i decided to change my approach and still aim towards achieving the CIW certification, but more so as a secondary goal. My primary goal being to learn the KEY CONCEPTS behind web design/development. I had researched and concluded to learn the below.
(In the order i have learnt them...)

  1. XHTML
  2. CSS
  3. Javascript
  4. Using Dreamweaver
  5. Using Photoshop
  6. Aquiring CIW foundation certification (in progress)

Now of course there are many more aspects to learn for web design/development, however i felt that if i learnt the above mentioned which to me are somewhat fundamentals, i would be well on my way to my goal of entering the field of Web Design/Development at a junior position.

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